4th ARIPO Working Group meeting on the amendment of the Banjul and Harare Protocols

The ARIPO Working Group met at the ARIPO headquarters (Harare, Zimbabwe) on 21 May 2015 to consider further improvements to the Banjul and Harare Protocols. The meeting was opened by Fernando Dos Santos - the Director General of ARIPO.

The meeting was attended by ARIPO Officials, Government representatives from many of the ARIPO member countries and ARIPO IP practitioners/agents.

During the opening speeches, Nancy Samuriwo (Chairperson) thanked Craig Kahn (Spoor & Fisher) for the contributions made by Spoor & Fisher in promoting ARIPO worldwide and for the constructive proposed amendments to the Harare Protocol.

The meeting covered various issues, including:

  • Current operations and legal status of the Banjul and Harare Protocols
  • Feedback from users of the Banjul and Harare Protocols
  • Amendments to the Banjul Protocol
  • Amendments to the Harare Protocol
  • Practical demonstration of the ARIPO e-filing and online payment systems and further ways to improve thereon

Spoor & Fisher represented by Craig Kahn speaking to Christopher Kiige, ARIPO Director of Industrial Property

All photographs courtesy of ARIPO.

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Date published: 2015/05/26
Author: Spoor & Fisher

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