Angola: Documents for trade mark nos. 5,001 - 20,757 must be re-submitted by 26 December 2018

A substantial backlog of trade marks to be processed has accumulated at the Angolan Registry since the implementation of the current law in 1992. In an effort to clear this backlog, the Registry began an initiative in 2015 whereby files had to be reconstituted with copies of the originally filed documents. That initiative concerned pending applications numbered 1 - 5,000. The Registry has now announced that these efforts are continuing with numbers 5,001 - 20,757.

Trade mark owners must re-submit the following documents for all pending applications, renewals or recordals against marks numbered 5,001 – 20,757 before the deadline of 26 December 2018:

  1. Photocopies of the official filing forms, which include copies of the application as filed, together with copies of any requests for renewal and/or any subsequent changes of ownership.
  2. Power of attorney, incorporating a verified Portuguese translation, legalised up to an Angolan Consul.
  3. Certificate of incorporation/extract from the Commercial Register with verified Portuguese translation legalised up to an Angolan Consul.
  4. Proof of payment of the sealing fee and renewal fee where applicable.

In the previous exercise photocopies of the legalised supporting documentation were accepted provided that the authentication stamp was visible. We are confirming with the Registry that this will be the case again.

Failure to comply may lead to the invalidation of the trade mark(s). We are reviewing our records and will contact clients holding trade marks falling within this category directly.


Date published: 25 January 2018
Author: Spoor & Fisher

Tags: Angola registry trade marks