ARIPO: proposed changes for patents

ARIPO - the regional IP registration system that allows IP owners to obtain protection in a number of African countries by way of a single, central filing and the designation of the particular countries of interest - is regularly updated. As a result of a recent meeting of member countries certain proposals were published. These proposals are contained in a document entitled: Report of the 8th Session of the Working Group on the Improvement of ARIPO Protocols Relating to Industrial Property, Harare, Republic of Zimbabwe, 9 to 10 May 2019.

The following proposals relating to patents are of interest:


ARIPO applications that were filed prior to the date of filing of a new ARIPO application will be considered prior art for the purposes of the novelty enquiry, but not for the inventive step enquiry. This will apply even if the prior applications are in fact published after the filing date of the application.


Surcharges on the length of specifications and claims will be payable on filing, or within one month of the filing of the application - currently these surcharges are paid on grant.

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Date published: 26 June 2019
Author: Spoor & Fisher

Tags: ARIPO patents proposed changes