Burundi - Early trade mark registrations to be renewable

The current Burundi Industrial Property Law came into force on 28 July 2009 (the Effective Date). Trade mark registrations made after the Effective Date have 10-year terms from the filing date, indefinitely renewable for like terms. The 2009 Law repealed earlier trade mark law, under which trade marks were registered for indefinite terms. 

The transitional provisions of the 2009 Law were originally interpreted to mean that trade marks, registered before the Effective Date for indefinite terms, did not become subject to renewal and would remain in force indefinitely, unless/until annulled or cancelled, for instance on grounds of non-registrability or non-use. 

Now, it has been officially announced that those pre-existing trade mark registrations are to be renewable for ten-year terms with effect from 28 July 2019, and indefinitely thereafter for successive ten-year terms. 

It is not yet stated what the earliest and latest dates will be for owners to apply for such renewals. We are corresponding with the authorities to clarify this question and other outstanding details. 

Further information will be reported as it becomes available and meanwhile questions will be welcomed by your normal contact at Spoor & Fisher Jersey, or may be directed to info@spoor.co.uk

Date published: 2014/09/30

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