Customs and Excise Application Form for Detention of Counterfeit Goods

The owner of an Intellectual Property right may file an application requesting the Commissioner for Customs and Excise to seize and detain all counterfeit goods featuring, bearing, embodying or incorporating a brand holder's trade marks and/or copyright, and which are imported into or enter the country.

Unless such an application is filed with the Commissioner, officials in the Customs and Excise department will not detain suspected counterfeit goods bearing a brand holder's trade mark. We accordingly recommend that a brand holder wishing to implement an anti-counterfeiting policy in South Africa contact a member of our anti-counterfeiting team to prepare and lodge an application on the brand holder's behalf. The application is valid for a period of 24 months.

Members of the Spoor & Fisher anti-counterfeiting team are Hugh Melamdowitz and Mohamed Khader.

Date published: 2004/01/01
Author: Mohamed Khader

Tags: customs excise application form detention of counterfeit goods