Estee Lauder Counterfeit Goods Raid

A very successful raid was conducted on 12 February 2004 by the Commercial Crime Unit (CCU) pursuant to a tip-off furnished to Spoor & Fisher. At premises in Meadowdale, Johannesburg, counterfeit Estee Lauder perfume was seized to the commercial value of just under R9,5 million (approximately US$1.4 million). The Estee Lauder brand is protected by Spoor & Fisher.

"Spoor & Fisher is in the business of protecting brands and therefore takes counterfeiting very seriously. We will ensure that the full weight of the law is brought to bear on any individual or organisation who is involved in counterfeiting of brands", said Hugh Melamdowitz, partner and head of Spoor & Fisher's anti-counterfeiting department.

Pierre Deckers, Financial Director at Estee Lauder Companies is very happy that the police are doing something to combat the distribution and selling of counterfeit goods. "We encourage any action that will assist in stopping this crime. A meeting is scheduled to discuss the way forward and to plan a campaign to warn customers not to buy these fake items. Counterfeit perfume consists of a dangerous percentage of alcohol and it is not safe to apply to your skin", warned Deckers.

Fred Potgieter, Managing Director of SAFACT (South African Federation Against Copyright Theft) added that the cost of counterfeit goods entering South Africa is running into millions of rands every year. "Unfortunately there is an upsurge of counterfeit goods entering South Africa, mainly due to the nature of our market. As long as South Africans buy counterfeit goods, there will be a market for these criminals. We have to stand together to fight this problem", Potgieter said.

For more information about the Spoor & Fisher anti-counterfeiting department, please contact Mohamed Khader.

Date published: 2004/02/02
Author: Mohamed Khader

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