Increase in OAPI Fees for Specifications Exceeding 10 Pages

In addition to an increase in the OAPI official fees on 1 March 2003, we have received notification that the recently appointed Head of Intellectual Property has adopted a new interpretation of the fee schedule with regard to specifications exceeding 10 pages.

The practice had been to charge a fee for each set of 10 pages on a comprehensive basis. Under the new interpretation of the fee schedule, the charge is calculated on a cumulative basis, i.e. the fees listed in the schedule are payable for each set of 10 pages. If this interpretation is applied to a specification of 50 pages in length, the increase in the official fees will be at least $1600.

The association of OAPI Agents has objected to this change in interpretation and is of the view that the new interpretation is unenforceable unless a formal directive in writing is issued.

We will continue to pay the fees in accordance with the past practice, but please take note that if OAPI does adopt the new interpretation of the fee schedule, there will be a substantial increase in fees for specifications in excess of 10 pages.

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Heather Donald

Spoor & Fisher

Date published: 2003/04/15
Author: Heather Donald

Tags: increase oapi ip