IP protection helps plant breeders to reap the benefits

Seen against the background of the recent drought experienced in South Africa, food security is a hot topic. This has made the work of local plant breeders all the more important.

The 11th South African Plant Breeders Association (SAPBA) biannual symposium highlighted not only significant achievements in this field but also the importance of plant breeders' rights. South African plant breeders are contributing to food security through the development of crops such as wheat and maize that offer significantly greater resistance to drought and pests. There are also benefits in agro-economic terms, thanks to the enhanced competitiveness of fruit and timber products. Fortunately the intellectual property that forms the basis of these developments is able to be protected locally and internationally by plant breeders' rights – enabling these innovators and the nation as a whole to reap the fruits of their scientific endeavours.

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Date published: 2016/04/12
Author: Spoor & Fisher

Tags: plant breeders ip south african plant breeders association symposium