Libya - Trade Marks Office - Current Situation

There have been recent reports that the Trade Marks Office in Libya is once again functioning following its closure earlier this year. We have investigated these rumours and can confirm that the Registry is currently under the control of the Fajr Libya militia. They have appointed a Registrar and are stating that the Registry is open and able to process matters. Meanwhile, the Libyan Government and Parliament has moved out of Tripoli and is attempting to operate from the city of Al-Beyda. The situation is extremely volatile and liable to change with little warning.

At this time it is not possible to establish how long the militia will retain their position, or when and if the Government will re-establish control. Whilst it appears that matters can be filed at the Registry it is not certain whether any such matters will be considered valid should the political situation change.

For the time being we are taking an extremely cautious approach but if clients wish to proceed then we will act upon those instructions.

Further information will be reported as it becomes available and meanwhile questions will be welcomed by your normal contact at Spoor & Fisher Jersey, or may be directed to 

Date published: 2014/12/18
Author: Spoor & Fisher

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