Libyan Registry Safe and Well

We are pleased to report that the Office of the Intellectual Property Division of the National Bureau for Research and Development, located in the capital, Tripoli, was not damaged during the recent fighting to remove the Gaddafi regime. The building is protected by armed guards, and the official records are intact. However, whilst it is technically “open” for business, it is not functioning at present because the computer database is down, and the new Government is still in the process of reorganising the staff.

According to our local contacts, the Registry will be fully operational at the beginning of October. We have also been advised that any deadlines falling between the closure of the Registry until now will be extended for a further two months from the date of the resumption of operations.

Spoor & Fisher Jersey

Date published: 2011/09/30
Author: Spoor & Fisher

Tags: libyan registry intellectual property division gaddafi