Mauritius: Draft new IP law

The Mauritian authorities have published a draft new IP law, the Industrial Property Bill 2016 (the Bill), with the deadline for comment being 31 January 2017. Mauritius has followed the example of other African countries by seeking to consolidate all its IP in one statute. This is a welcome development as it makes IP law more accessible.

The Bill has separate chapters for all the IP rights that it covers – patents, utility models, lay-out designs, plant varieties, industrial designs, trade marks, trade names and geographical indications. In addition, there is a patents sub-chapter that deals with international patents under the Patent Co-operation Treaty (PCT), a designs sub-chapter that deals with international designs under the Hague Agreement, and a trade marks sub-chapter that deals with international trade mark registrations under the Madrid Protocol – the trade marks sub-chapter even clearly distinguishes international registrations designating Mauritius and international registrations filed by Mauritians. Lastly, the Bill has chapters dealing with administration and miscellaneous issues. The Bill is very well set out.

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