Special European (.eu), Russian (.ru) and Singapore (.sg, com.sg and org.sd) domain name extensions available shortly

Three specialised new domain name extensions have recently been established for use. For clients that actively trade in the European Union, Russia or in Singapore, we recommend that consideration be give to obtaining “defensive” registrations, so as to avoid unlawful registration by third parties.

We set out the requirements for each domain space hereunder.

1. European Union (“.eu”)

Starting 10 December 2009, companies registered and individuals resident in the European Union will be able to register domain names in the “.eu” domain space. What makes this procedure somewhat different than usual is that non-ASCII characters may be included in the domain name. Two examples are characters such as the German ü and characters included in the Greek alphabet. Please note that not all characters will be supported under the .eu domain space (for example the German ß).

2. Russian (“.ru”)

From November 25, 2009 to March 25, 2010 (referred to as the “Sunrise” period) owners of Cyrillic Russian registered trade marks may apply for the registration of such trade marks as domain names under the .?? (the Cyrillic ccTLD for the Russia Federation) domain space.

Applications will be considered on a first come first served basis should conflicting applications be lodged. All applications must be accompanied by certified true copies of the trade mark certificate and the applicant’s company registration certificate and company seal. The application will then first be verified. Only characters included in the Cyrillic alphabet, numbers and hyphens will be allowed.

3. Singapore (“.sg, com.sg and org.sd”)

The Singapore Network Information Centre has similarly launched the use of Chinese characters in respect of domain spaces used in Singapore (including sg, com.sg and org.sd) for users and corporations. The launch has reserved a priority phase for registered trade mark owners before the general launch to the public. Should there be conflicting claims from trade mark owners, the applicants will be asked to bid for the domain name, the highest bidder being allocated the domain name. The sunrise period for trade mark owners will last from 6 January 2010 to 24 March 2010.

Should you require any further information in connection with the above, please address your questions to Jillian Barkley (j.barkley@spoor.com ) or Marco van der Merwe (m.vdmerwe@spoor.com).

Date published: 2009/12/03
Author: Spoor & Fisher

Tags: european russian singapore domain name extensions