Spoor & Fisher Takes Kids to the Zoo

Spoor & Fisher has been donating money to the Reach for a Dream foundation for several years.

Early in 2007 it was decided that these donations would be augmented by more active participation in Reach for a Dream events. This active participation is aimed at getting more members of staff involved in the Corporate Social Responsibility programme of Spoor & Fisher. The giving of one's time and energy is as important, if not more so, than the giving of financial contributions.

Spoor & Fisher's first Reach for a Dream event was held on Sunday 6 May at the Pretoria Zoo. Fifteen terminally ill children were treated to a day at the Pretoria Zoo. The Children were shown many fascinating animals, and the penguins were a particularly big hit among the children. For many of the children it was the first time they had ever been to a zoo. The day was topped off with a thrilling trip on the cable cars and a hearty lunch. The children had a day filled with fun and laughter and happy memories. The children touched the hearts of all the Spoor & Fisher staff that were present.

This first event was so successful that several future outings are currently being planned.

Gerard du Toit


Date published: 2007/08/31
Author: Gerard du Toit

Tags: spoor & fisher kids zoo reach for a dream foundation