Spoor & Fisher counted among the preferred dealmakers in Africa

Intellectual property is an intangible asset with a very real value of ownership. This means that it can be traded and it can offer significant leverage in brokering a deal.

DealMakers Monthly is a UK-based publication covering global business news.Its readership includes investment officers, financiers, entrepreneurs and senior executives of private and public companies, as well as the top law firms and private equity companies. In analysing transactions it not only considers the principal actors but also the supporting cast behind the scenes. Naturally, law firms play a significant role and their abilities, expertise and service are assessed by the publication and its readers Based on a poll conducted among the readership, the magazine publishes awards annually, recognising excellence in various fields.

Following a communication received from the publication, Spoor & Fisher is pleased to announce that the firm will receive a Registered Designs IP Law Firm accolade in the 2014 DealMakers Law Awards. According to the citation, the Law Awards recognize and salute the firms and individuals that have performed to exceptional levels during one of the most difficult economic periods that the global economy has experienced for decades.

Spoor & Fisher is proudly rooted in Africa but it is always heartening to receive international recognition and to be counted as a respected agent in the art of global deal-making.

Date published: 2014/01/24
Author: Spoor & Fisher

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