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With the South African government focus on nanotechnology, it would indeed be a pity if the advances made by South African innovators in this field are allowed to slip out of their hands. The way to prevent this is by filing patent applications for any advances in nanotechnology before these are disclosed in any way.

Patent offices around the world are gearing up for an increase in the number of patent applications filed in this field and South Africans should not get left behind.

Spoor & Fisher is ideally positioned to assist clients in protecting nanotechnology inventions, with the largest body of electronic/chemical patent expertise in South Africa within the firm.

Clients wanting assistance to protect their nanotechnology inventions should contact Lance Abramson (012) 676-1016 or Mark Kemp (012) 676-1005.

Spoor & Fisher

Date published: 2006/03/01
Author: Spoor & Fisher

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