SpoorData Allows Spoor & Fisher Clients Direct Access to Records of Their Patents, Trade Marks and Other Registered Intellectual Property

In early 1999, the partners of Spoor & Fisher identified the need to replace various IT systems in our office with one encompassing business system. After a detailed system analysis and an intensive review of all the major intellectual property business systems available world-wide, we chose the InProma system from Maxim Technology of Sydney, Australia. It was felt that this system would best to suit both our own and our clients' needs in the short term and into the future.

From the point of view of our clients, by far the most exciting development is the implementation of the web access module. This module allows Spoor & Fisher clients secure access to their records and other proprietary information via Spoor & Fisher's Portfolio Manager Website which can be found at www.go.spoor.com.

The Portfolio Manager enables direct access by clients to records of their patents, trade marks and other registered Intellectual Property. This is a free service offered to clients with substantial portfolios of patents and trade marks and will enable such clients to review the status of their Intellectual Property portfolios online, at any time. The connection is made through a secure firewall and access is password controlled, thus preventing unauthorised parties from gaining access to confidential information.

Date published: 1990/01/01
Author: Spoor & Fisher

Tags: spoordata records patents trade marks intellectual property