Strikes delay postal deliveries in South Africa, specifically Gauteng and the Western Cape

Unprotected industrial action at mail-sorting centres in Cape Town and the greater Johannesburg area has resulted in the delivery of mail in Gauteng and the Western Cape being significantly delayed. Deliveries in the Western Cape are delayed by about four working days, while mail in Gauteng has been delayed by several weeks. Deliveries in other provinces are not affected.

The industrial action has not affected the post office outlets, but the sorting centres have become choke points. While SA Post Office management has engaged labour representatives in discussions, it is as yet unknown when the situation will be resolved.

Although the Post Office call centre is closed, enquiries regarding items of mail can be directed by e-mail to Spoor & Fisher is monitoring the situation but at this point mail to and from the firm continues to be affected.

Date published: 2014/09/30

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