World Intellectual Property Day Celebrates the Power of Creativity

The old cliché would have us believe that money makes the world go round – but there is a strong case to be made for creativity actually deserving the credit. World Intellectual Property Day will be celebrated on April the 26th and the theme for 2013 is “Creativity: the next generation”. It is the creative drive that inspires our inventiveness and innovative endeavours – helping us not merely to adapt to our ever-changing world but also to shape the future.

The concept of intellectual property in turn plays a vital supportive role, with IP law providing a structure in which creativity can be promoted, protected and transformed into a marketable asset. In celebration of World Intellectual Property Day, the World Intellectual Property Organization is focusing on creativity as a predictor and prime-mover of the future – with the World IP Facebook page* offering information on events and activities as well as providing a forum for discussion.

Spoor & Fisher endorses the importance of World Intellectual Property Day – but we also believe that the products of our clients’ creativity deserve and require protection every day of the year. The firm takes pride in being your trusted partner in safeguarding and maximising the value of your ideas – so make it a priority for 2013 to review your portfolio and ensure that your IP is fully protected. 

Date published: 2013/04/25

Tags: ip law