Staff Wellness Programme

Spoor & Fisher values the welfare of its staff and promotes a healthy work life balance. Spoor & Fisher in South Africa operates two Wellness Programmes for the benefit of its local staff and their immediate families. The firm takes care of counselling and medical costs within the remit of each Programme.

‘Window of Health’

The Window of Health Programme focuses on common ailments affecting employees in the workplace in South Africa. Although health education material is made available, employees have the option of a voluntary screening appointment, available on a monthly basis, with a visiting health professional. Staff can be tested for various conditions from high blood pressure through to diagnosing anxiety and depression. Employees requiring specialist medical care are referred for further opinion or treatment.

‘Spoor Sinani’

Spoor & Fisher has partnered with employee wellbeing specialists, ICAS South Africa, providing a confidential 24-hour personal support and information service. They advise on everyday situations to more serious concerns. Included in the programme are Life Management services - legal advice, financial management and family care advice. ICAS also provide an e-Care service. This is an on-line health and wellness programme, which assists staff in optimising their wellbeing, energy and productivity.