International Arrangements:

  • Paris Union (from 6 March 1975)
  • WIPO (from 21 April 1975)
  • PCT (from 6 September 2003)

Types of Patents Available:

  • Patents of Invention
  • Patents of Addition
  • National Phase PCT Application

Novelty Requirements:
Novelty is destroyed if before the date of the application or the earliest priority date:

  • A patent has already been issued for the invention or part thereof in Egypt or abroad before the date of filing.
  • If the invention has been publicly used or exploited in Egypt, or abroad or disclosed in a manner which enable experts to exploit it before filing patent application in Egypt.

Disclosure of invention in national or international exhibitions during six months prior to the date of filing is not considered as disclosure.


Diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical methods for the treatment of humans and animals are not patentable. However, products for use in such methods may be patented.

Filing Requirements:

National Phase PCT Application:
Egyptian patent legislation does not make provision for PCT Applications, nor are filing requirements for such applications specified. At present we advise applicants to lodge the same documents as for a non-PCT application, plus the following:

  • Copy of Published International Application
  • Copy of International Search Report
  • Copy of International Preliminary Report on Patentability

Patents of Invention:

  • Power of Attorney (legalised) (can be late filed within four months)
  • Specification, claims and abstract in English (required on the day of filing)
  • Specification, claims and abstract in Arabic (can be late filed within six months)
  • Formal drawings, if applicable, without labelling (required on the day of filing)
  • Formal drawings, if applicable, with full labelling (required on the day of filing)
  • Assignment of Invention and priority rights (legalised) (can be late filed within four months)
  • Certificate of Incorporation (legalised) (can be late filed within four months)
  • Priority document with verified English and Arabic translation (to be lodged within three months)


The term of a patent is twenty years minus one day. A Patent of Addition expires with the main patent.


Renewal fees fall due annually commencing on the first anniversary of the filing date. For non-Convention or Convention applications the filing date is the actual date of filing in Egypt. For PCT national phase applications, the filing date is deemed to be the PCT International filing date.

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