Trade Marks

International Arrangements:


Eritrea became independent from its southern neighbour Ethiopia on 24 May 1993. Since that time, the Government has been occupied with the establishment and maintenance of a viable Government structure, the raising of development money, and a boundary conflict with Ethiopia.

A Commercial Register was established at an early stage for the recordal of trade names and signs belonging to licensed traders conducting trading activity in Eritrea. No provision is made for such recordals by non-Eritrean entities.

The enactment of an Industrial Property Law and establishment of a separate Industrial Property Office are still under consideration and there is currently no Industrial Property legislation in place in Eritrea. The Government has, at times, accepted the publication of Cautionary Notices in the Government-owned national newspaper; however, this practice is currently suspended.

At present there is no procedure for the protection of Trade Marks in Eritrea.

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