Trade Marks

International Arrangements:

Paris Union. Madrid Union (Protocol), TRIPS.
It is considered that International (Madrid) Trade Mark Registrations are effective in Madagascar.

Categories of Trade Marks:

There are provisions for the registration of SERVICE MARKS and COLLECTIVE MARKS.
There are no provisions for the registration of DEFENSIVE MARKS or SERIES MARKS.


The International Classification of goods and services applies.
A single application may cover any number of classes of goods and/or services.

Documents required:

A. New Applications

  • Power of Attorney, notarised 
  • Priority document (if applicable), with verified French translation

B. Renewals

  • Power of Attorney, notarised 

C. Assignments/Mergers

  • Power of Attorney, notarised 
  • Deed of Assignment or other instrument of title, notarised, with verified French translation

D. Change of Name

  • Power of Attorney, notarised
  • Certificate of Change of Name, notarised, with verified French translation.

E. Change of Address

  • Power of Attorney, notarised

F. Licences/Registered Users

  • Powers of Attorney, notarised from proprietor and licensee
  • Licence Agreement, notarised with verified French translation