Trade Marks

International Arrangements:


In May 1991, the north-western region of Somalia (ie: the former British Protectorate of Somaliland)
declared unilaterally its independence as the 'Republic of Somaliland'.

A government was elected for an initial 2-year period at a conference of elders and in May 1993 former
Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Ibrahim Egal was elected President. After the death of Egal in May 2002,
Vice-President Dahir Riyale Kahim was sworn in as President. Presidential elections were held in May 2003
in which Riyale narrowly beat his opponent. Parliamentary elections were held on 29 September 2005.

Somaliland's stability has been widely acknowledged but it has not received formal recognition from the
international community. It has stood aside from wider reconciliation processes but indicated its readiness
to discuss relations with Somalia on a basis of equality once a new government is established in Mogadishu.

Somaliland has no legislation regarding the registration of trade marks. As is often the situation in such
jurisdictions, it is possible to arrange for the publication of a Cautionary Notice in a local newspaper.
Publication is not regulated by any Government department and does not result in any official registration
or certificate.

There is no classification system and a single Cautionary Notice may include goods and/or services in any
number of classes. A separate Cautionary Notice is required for each mark.

Requirements – First publication:

No documents are required. We only need at least one clear representation of the mark and usual details of proprietor and goods/services to be claimed.


No fixed terms, we would recommend every 3 years

Assignments, Mergers, Changes of Name or Address:

Do not have to be published as they occur, but can be mentioned on republication.


May be mentioned in first Cautionary Notices or on republication. 

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