Registered Designs

The Republic of Sudan (having its capital at Khartoum) is separate to the sovereign Republic of South Sudan.

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Membership of International Conventions:

  • Paris Convention (from 16 April 1984)
  • WIPO (from 15 February 1974)
  • ARIPO (from 25 April 1984)

Types of Designs available:

  • Industrial Design

Novelty Requirements:

An industrial design must be new. An industrial design is not considered new if it is available to the public, at any place and by any means whether by prior use or description before the date of an application for its registration or before the date when it can be legally claimed and unless its designer proves that he was not in a position to know about the availability of the design to the public.

An industrial design is not deemed to have been made available to the public solely by reason of the fact that, within a period of six months preceding the filing of an application for registration, the designer or his successor has exhibited it in a nationally or internationally recognised exhibition.

An industrial design is not considered as new because it contains minor difference from preceding industrial designs, or because it related to process different from that to which the other industrial designs are related.


“Industrial Design” means any composition of lines or colours formed to give a special appearance to any industrial or hand-made product or any plastic form whether or not it is restricted to colour on condition that, the form or composition can be used as an industrial design or a handicraft design.

Design protection does not extend to any part of an industrial design if the purpose of the industrial design is solely to achieve a technical result.

Industrial designs, which, are against the public interest or morals may not be protected.

A design application may contain from one to fifty industrial designs if the relevant products are of the same kind or kinds, or they are of the same class or classes.

Filing Requirements:

  • Power of attorney signed under Corporate Seal or before a Notary Public (can be late filed).
  • Certificate of Incorporation (legalised) (can be late filed).
  • A specimen of the material of which the industrial design is made or a photographic picture or sketch drawing of the industrial design in colour, if possible, or an architectural model or any other means of production which is shown by such representation (required on the day of filing).
  • An indication of the method of production of the industrial design, and an indication of the class or classes to which it belongs.
  • Certified copy of priority document, if priority is claimed, with verified English translation (can be late filed within three months).

Deferred Publication:

An application for registration may request that the industrial design be kept secret for a period not exceeding twelve months from the date of application.

Substantive Examination:

Limited substantive examination to whether or not the design is against the public interest or morals.

Duration and Renewal:

Design registration is valid for an initial term of five years from the filing date, which is renewable upon payment of the prescribed fees for two further terms of five years each. A grace period of six months is provided for late payment of renewal fees.

ARIPO design in which Sudan is designated:

Please see aripo

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