International Arrangements:

  • Paris Union (from 12 May 1991)
  • WIPO (from 18 August 1988)
  • ARIPO (from 17 March 1988)
  • PCT (from 20 September 1994)

Note: The law in Swaziland has not yet been amended to recognise the PCT or ARIPO. Although ARIPO applications designating Swaziland are filed and accepted, we cannot guarantee that enforceable rights will be granted. There is no provision for the filing of PCT national phase or Convention applications.

Granted UK and European (UK) patents are considered to extend to Swaziland automatically, without the need for local re-registration.

Automatic cover of a granted UK or European (UK) patent or the re-registration of a granted South African patent is recommended at this time.

Types of Patents Available:

  • Re-registration of granted South African Patent
  • ARIPO application
  • ARIPO Regional Phase PCT application

Filing Requirements:

Re-registration of granted South African Patents:

  • Power of Attorney (simply signed) (can be late filed, no set deadline)
  • Certified copy of South African patent (required on the day of filing)

ARIPO application in which Swaziland is designated

Please see aripo

ARIPO Regional Phase PCT application:

Please see aripo


In the case of a UK patent the term expires with the UK patent. In the case of a registration of a South African patent in Swaziland the patent remains in force for as long as the South African patent is maintained. The term of an ARIPO patent designating Swaziland is twenty years from the filing date.


In the case of a UK patent, no separate renewal fees are payable. In the case of a registration of a South African patent in Swaziland, renewal fees fall due annually on the same date as South African renewal fees fall due.

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