Registered Designs

 Membership of International Conventions:

  • Paris Convention (from 14 June 1965)
  • WIPO (from 5 June 1971)
  • Hague Agreement (from 13 June 2012)

Types of Designs available:

  • Industrial Design

Novelty requirements:

Prior publication by sale or any other means anywhere does not prevent registration of the design in Tunisia or affect its rights under the law. Temporary protection can be obtained for designs displayed at officially recognised exhibitions provided a design application is filed in Tunisia within three months of the closing date.


Design protection may be obtained for any new design, any new three-dimensional form, or any industrial product which differs from those similar to it, either in terms of a distinct and recognisable configuration conferring on it a character of novelty, or by one or more external effects providing it with a specific and novel appearance.

However, even if the same subject matter has been considered to be a novel industrial design and a patentable invention, and the components of the novelty of the design cannot be separated from those of the invention, said subject matter can be protected only in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Patents.

A design application may not cover more than fifty industrial designs and they must all be from the same product category.

Filing Requirements:

  • Power of attorney, simply signed (required on the day of filing).
  • Drawings or photographs of the design (required on the day of filing).
  • Certified copy of priority document, if priority is claimed, with verified French or Arabic translation (can be late filed within three months).
  • Description of the kind of products for which the industrial design is to be used in French or Arabic (required on the day of filing), if not in French or Arabic, then translation must be filed within three months.

Substantive Examination:


Deferred Publication:

At the time of filing, the Applicant may request that the publication of the reproductions of the design be postponed by twelve months starting from the day following the filing date.

Duration and Renewal:

The duration of protection of an industrial design is granted for five, ten or fifteen years starting from the date of filing the application, at the Applicant’s choosing, and upon payment of the prescribed fee.

The Applicant or his beneficiaries may, with the requisite declaration, extend the duration of protection where it has been made only for a period of five or ten years, without exceeding the maximum period of protection set at fifteen years.

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