Trade Marks

Although Tanzania (mainland) and Zanzibar have joined to form the United Republic of Tanzania, no unified Industrial Property Law has been enacted and separate registrations must be obtained in each territory.

A new Industrial Property Act was drafted in 2008. Although there are no formal Regulations to supplement the Act, the Registrar has made executive decisions to introduce terms as set out in the new Act.

International Arrangements:

The United Republic of Tanzania is a member of the Paris Union. As Zanzibar is regarded as a common law country, Convention priority can be claimed in accordance with the 2008 Act.

Categories of Trade Marks:

There are provisions for the registration of SERVICE MARKS, COLLECTIVE MARKS, CERTIFICATION MARKS and SERIES MARKS.


The International Classification of goods and services applies.
A separate application is required for each class of goods or services.

Documents required:

A. New Applications

  • Power of Attorney, simply signed.
  • Priority document (if applicable), with verified English translation

B. Renewals

  • Power of Attorney, simply signed.

C. Assignments/Mergers

  • Power of Attorney, simply signed.
  • Deed of Assignment or other instrument of title, with verified English translation.

D. Change of Name

  • Power of Attorney, simply signed.
  • Certificate of Change of Name, with verified English translation.

E. Change of Address

  • Power of Attorney, simply signed.

F. Licences/Registered Users

  • Power of Attorney, simply signed.