Trade Marks

Basis for Registration:


International Arrangements:


The Trademarks Law, 2016 came into force on 1 August 2017 and replaces The Patents and Trademarks Law, 2011. Under the new Law the UK-based system has been abolished, and there is only provision for independent registration. Under the transitional provisions existing UK-based registrations shall continue to have effect.

Categories of Trade Marks:

There are provisions for the registration of COLLECTIVE, CERTIFICATION and SERVICE MARKS.

There are no provisions for the registration of DEFENSIVE and SERIES MARKS.


The International Classification of goods and services applies.

A single application may cover any number of classes of goods and/or services.

Documents required:

A. New Applications:

  • No documents required

B. Renewals:

  • No documents required

An annual maintenance fee is also payable, for which no documents are required.

C. Assignments/Mergers:

  • No documents required

D. Change of Name:

  • No documents required

E. Change of Address:

  • No documents required

F. Licences/Registered Users:

  • No documents required

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